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For Those Visiting From HomeAdvisor & Porch

Got a project for me? I’d be happy to work for you fixing up your home! Contact me for rates on my wide range of services, that include residential, commercial and outdoor handyman jobs. I'm waiting for your call!

Let me be honest for a moment...

It's becoming extremely expensive using both HomeAdvisor and Porch platforms, which in turn forces me to raise my pricing up another $20-$40 on any typical job from those customers (call me, I'd be more than happy to explain). To some that may not be a lot, but to me it is. I truly don't like doing it.

However, my repeat customers, referrals, several property managers I work with and other customers that find me outside of HomeAdvisor & Porch... I'm able to offer them fair pricing and it's a "win, win" situation for all of us!

Call Me

My contact number is posted at the top of this website and at both HomeAdvisor and Porch. I would say approximately 25% of my jobs I get via those sites are from customers who simply call me directly. These are the customers I can give better pricing to.

​Please feel assured there is no difference in calling me direct other than saving some money. As I see it, both these platforms have done their job which is ensuring homeowners of my multi-point background check, legitimacy of my company, verified insurance and, most important, real 5-star positive reviews from all my customers I had the pleasure to work for.


With that being said...

HomeAdvisor and Porch are great tools for the homeowner. I've been a member on both for several years now... visit my accolades page on my site. I strive for 100% feedback and 5-star ratings and continually achieve that status. They both helped me tremendously gaining a presence on the internet and most importantly, increasing my clientele!

I'm a phone call away

​for a price estimation
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