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The don'ts:

Here's a list of things I don't do. Why?... Simple. It's either:


  1. I don't have the experience

  2. Don't have the equipment/tools for a specific field

  3. I simply don't enjoy doing it (just being honest)




  • Roofing install/repairs

  • Gutter installation (except minor repairs, cleaning)

  • Siding installation/repairs

  • Installing windows (except glass replacement/repairing/cleaning)

  • Large concrete pours (side walks, driveways...etc.)

  • Installing new fences (except repairs or painting)

  • Installing new decks (except repairs or staining)

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Pool maintenance

  • Any type of yard work including mowing, leaf removal, planting


  • Laying any type of flooring (will remove & haul)

  • Kitchen/Bathroom tile installation

  • Kitchen counter tops

  • Any type of major remodeling projects

  • Large drywall install jobs

  • Large framing jobs

  • Installing insulation

I'm a phone call away

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